Schedule Overview

Wednesday, September 11

4:00PM - 6:00pm, Registration

7:00PM - 10:00pm, Pre-Conference Social, LumberJaxe Throwing Co.

Thursday, September 12

8:00AM - 9:30am, Registration & Breakfast

9:30AM - 9:45am

  • Welcome & Keynote Introduction
    Speaker: Matt Leow, Montana Brewers Association

9:45am - 10:15am, Keynote Address

  • Local beer is back, and it ain't going anywhere
    Speaker: Stan Hieronymus, Author and Beer Writer

10:25AM - 11:35PM, Breakout Session 1

  • Technical Track: Forging Flavor: Impact of variety and processing on malt flavor
    Speakers: Dr. Jamie Sherman and Hannah Turner, Montana State University - Barley Genetics & Malt Quality Lab

  • Business Track - Small Business Bonus : How to Increase Cash Flow with Strategic Tax Planning
    Speakers: Mike Combo, Certified Public Accountant and Molly Nelson, Financial Planning Consultant

  • FOH Track - Pink Boots Society, Montana Chapter, Fall Update Meeting
    Speakers: Jesse Bussard and Kayla Mann, Montana Chapter Co-Leaders

11:35AM - 12:35pm, Lunch

12:35AM - 1:35PM, Trade Show

1:45PM - 2:55pm, Breakout Session 2

  • Technical Track - Yeast Handling Seminar
    Speaker: Kara Taylor, White Labs

  • Business Track - Keep your brand fresh: Learn to recognize when to evolve, how far to push an evolution, and how to use recent packaging innovations to help the evolution
    Speaker: Leif Miltenberger, Hired Guns Creative

  • FOH Track - From Interview to Pouring Beers: Building Company Culture Starting on Day 1
    Speaker: Loy Maierhauser, MAP Brewing Co.

3:05PM - 4:15pm, Breakout Session 3

  • Technical Track - Optimizing Your Draught System
    Speakers: Taylor Anderson, Kayla Mann, & Emily Shirley of McDantim, Inc.

  • Business Track - An HR Department of None
    Speaker: Brittany Waiss of KettleHouse Brewing Co.

  • FOH Track: Brewing better events: How Montana breweries are using events to increase taproom revenue and cultivate community
    PANEL DISCUSSION featuring Hannah Talbot, Missoula Brewing Co.; Kori Christianson, Draught Works Brewery; and Maranda Williams, Philipsburg Brewing Co. Moderated by Jesse Bussard, Fermentana.

4:30PM - 5:00pm, Brewery Swag Swap, Registration Area

5:30PM - 8:00pm, Dinner, Conflux Brewing

Friday, September 13

8:00AM - 9:30AM, Registration & BREAKFAST

9:30AM - 10:30AM, Plenary Session

  • State of Montana Craft Beer
    Speaker: Matt Leow, Montana Brewers Association

  • Brewers Association Update
    Speaker: Acacia Coast, Brewers Association

10:40am - 11:50pm, Breakout Session 4

  • Technical Track - Keeping your Brewery in CIP-top Shape: Creating Cleaning SOPs and Procedures
    Speaker: Jennifer Levey, Birko

  • Business Track - Internship and Incumbent Worker Training Programs Panel with MT Dept. of Labor & Industry (DLI)
    PANEL DISCUSSION featuring Mark Lillrose, DLI, Registered Apprenticeship; Tanner Woodward DLI, Incumbent Worker Training; Nicholas Balcken, Blackfoot River Brewing Co.; Tim Chisman, Blackfoot River Brewing Co. Moderated by Nisan Burbridge, DLI.

  • FOH Track - What to Expect When You're Inspected
    PANEL DISCUSSION featuring Becky Schlauch, Montana Dept. of Revenue - Alcoholic Beverage Control Division; Jason Goeltz, Bitter Root Brewing; and others.

12:00PM - 1:00pm, Lunch

1:00PM - 2:00PM, trade show

2:00PM - 3:30pm, Breakout Session 5

  • Technical Track - Getting the most out of 21st century hops and hop products
    Speaker: Stan Hieronymus, Author and Beer Writer

  • Business Track - Montana Side Story: The Sharks & Jets of Distribution
    PANEL DISCUSSION featuring Patrick Kainz, MAP Brewing Co.; Tucker Kahlberg, Bozeman Brewing Co.; Becky Peppelman, Snow Hop Brewery; and Erin Parchert, KettleHouse Brewing Co. Moderated by Matt Leow, Montana Brewers Association.

  • FOH Track - Off- flavors: The Big 6, why they happen in beer, and how your staff can help you detect them
    Speakers: Kara Taylor of White Labs

3:45PM - 5:15pm, MBA Membership Meeting (Brewery Members only)

4:00pm -5:30pm, Optional brewery tour & happy hour, Bayern Brewing